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Write a CV

Write a CV

Write a CV

What you need to know

  • A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document which tells an employer what skills, qualifications and experience you have, as well as what you are currently doing and what you hope to go on to.
  • There are no strict rules about how a CV should look but it should be:
    • clear and concise
    • typed and no more than two sides of A4
    • free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and
    • accurate and honest.
  • You will need a CV even if you are not planning to go into full time work, as you may need a part time job whilst studying or want to find a work placement.

Things to think about

  • Your CV is your sales pitch! Make sure it emphasises your good points.
  • Make sure you keep your CV up to date with your latest grades, achievements and work experience.
  • For every job you apply for you should adapt your CV to emphasise the things the employer is looking for. The employer will usually give this information in a job description or person specification. By doing this you are more likely to get an interview!
  • Don’t just send your CV when applying for a job, send a covering letter too, stating why you are applying for the job and what makes you suitable. If you are emailing your CV you can put this information in your email.

To do

  • Use the CV template to write down all the information you need for your CV.
  • Complete the online CV builder to develop a CV ready to download and email
  • Then type the information on the computer using word processing software – you can use our example CV to help you.
  • Make sure you save your CV!

Local info

  • Find out what support and resources are available in your school or area to help you write a CV – including any drop in or enrichment sessions.